Die-cast aluminium


Production by die-casting of aluminum ingots.
This technology makes it possible to produce higher quality, more strong cookware, with different thicknesses to achieve perfect heat distribution and energy savings.
Die-casting is the only production technology that makes it possible to obtain uni-piece aluminum handles , one with the pot body, indestructible and usable even in the oven.



The post-production finishing is treated with artisanal care, with passages in the machine and details finished by hand, which give the product the value and exclusiveness typical of handcrafted products.



We use internal and external coatings certified according to the strictest international standards. PFOA free and suitable for food contact (Regulations MOCA).
We apply coatings with spray technology, the only one that allows the application of various layers creating a high thickness of non-stick and the insertion of reinforcements such as titanium or mineral particles that give the highest resistance to wear.

Cold production

Cold molding from thick aluminum disc.

Preforming of the body and coating with SCS reinforced multi-layer spray coating technology.